Pet Full Medical Laboratory

Our pet full medical laboratory services are designed to provide you with invaluable insights into your pet’s health, enabling us to tailor treatment plans that address their specific needs.

a person looking through a microscope

Elevating Pet Care with Our Pet Full Medical Laboratory

In any medical field, there are situations where time is of the essence. Therefore, our hospital is equipped with an in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory, allowing us to receive on-the-spot diagnostic results rapidly, ensuring immediate initiation of the most appropriate treatment for our patients.

Gulfshore Animal Hospital is committed to providing our clients access to the top diagnostic laboratories in the country to ensure that their pets’ wellness status or illnesses are diagnosed correctly. New medical diagnostics are constantly being discovered, while existing ones are continually improving. Therefore, we are constantly assessing and incorporating the latest innovations in diagnostic testing.

Some of The More Common Diagnostic Tests We Perform are:

Complete Blood Count (CBC):

This shows a complete picture of all the cells circulating in the blood. This test helps diagnose anemia, infections, and leukemia, among other disorders; it is also an important screening test for your pet’s annual wellness examination.

Blood Chemistries and Profiles:

The results of these tests reveal the health of all the major organs in the patient’s body, including the heart, liver, and kidneys, in addition to detecting hormonal abnormalities that may be present; they are also recommended as part of your pet’s annual wellness examination to ascertain the general health of your pet.


Also known as complete urine analysis, it is essential in determining the health of your pet’s complete urinary system, including the kidneys and the urinary bladder. It is essential in detecting urinary tract infections, which are very common and can remain undetected without a urinalysis; it is recommended as part of your pet’s annual wellness screening.

Heartworm Testing:

This test, performed annually, now tests for much more than just heartworms. Several important diseases transmitted by ticks, including Lyme Disease, are accurately detected using this latest technology.

Fecal Testing:

Also performed annually, it detects the presence of parasitic worms and identifies other microscopic organisms that cause acute and chronic gastrointestinal problems.


The microscopic examination of your pet’s skin, or “lumps and bumps,” is performed in our in-house laboratory by our doctors and trained staff. We also send cytology samples out to specialized laboratories that we have determined to be the best in diagnosing particular diseases should the need arise.


The microscopic examination of your pet’s skin, lumps or bumps, or any abnormal tissue that has been biopsied or removed from your pet is sent to and performed by expert laboratories to identify the cause and severity of the suspected condition.

Bacterial Culture and Sensitivity:

This test is performed when an infection does not respond to current treatment or is suspected to be a more severe infection or chronic problem. The report identifies the bacteria causing the infection and tells us the best antibiotic to combat the infection. The laboratories that perform this service for us are staffed with experts in bacterial and fungal infections.